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Putting the correct wheel with the appropriate tire is vital for optimum performance. WSD specializes in assemblies from the standard size to the highly custom. We can provide 2 to 20,000!

We have the right product for you.

WSD is the largest and most diverse wheel manufacturer in the west producing sizes from 12” through 54” diameters. Our engineering capabilities enable us to build wheel systems that will optimize your machine’s performance. Our wheel product line includes a wide range of solutions for agricultural, construction, MTR, lawn & garden, forestry, mining and trailer applications. With our facilities strategically located throughout the U.S. coupled with tire availability from all the quality manufacturers world-wide, we can address any of your wheel assembly needs. From standard sizes to highly custom assemblies, we have the right product for you. Contact one of our experts to find out how to get the most out of your machines.

Agricultural Wheels

8” to 54” Diameter

Adjustable Wheels
Row Crop
Stub Disc Bolting to Customer’s Plate
Custom- Built Wheels
Formed Plate
Flat Plate
Super Single/Duplex
Combine Wheels- Single & Dual Implement Wheels
Heavy Duty
Terra Wheels Wagons/Grain Cart Wheels

Construction Wheels

20” to 63” Diameter

1 Piece Heavy Duty Wheels
3 Piece Assembly
5 Piece Assembly
Loaders, Graders, etc.
Scraper Wheels
Replacement Parts
Custom, Heavy Duty

Construction Wheels

Industrial Wheels

4” to 25” Diameter

Skid Steer Wheels

Heavy Duty
Forklift Wheels

Custom Heavy Duty
Telehandler Wheels Man Lift Wheels

Industrial Wheels

Truck & Trailer Wheels

8” to 24.5” Diameter

DOT Approved Wheels

All Popular Trucks Sizes Available
Steel, Aluminum
Spoke, Mod, Rivets, Galvanized
Container Orders and LTL
Ask Us About Volume Assemblies

Truck and Trailer Wheels

Forestry Wheels

16.1” to 42” Diameter

Forwarder Wheels
Skidder Wheels
Extra Heavy Duty Wheels
Bead Reinforcement
Construction Wheels