WSD is Lean

1366445541-Sales_Performance_improvementAt WSD, we have implemented the “Lean” production practice. By streamlining and continuously improving our internal processes, focusing on eliminating waste and always putting our customers first, we are able to offer you exceptional pricing and superior service. Shorter lead times, improved throughput, and decreased operating costs means we are committed to being your concurrent engineer supplier for all of your tire and wheel needs.

  • Safety: We provide a safe working environment in our manufacturing and assembly plants for our employees. A streamlined, compliant process leads to greater efficiency.
  • Quality: All of our products are put through a rigorous quality control inspection. WSD is committed to being your reliable tire and wheel manufacturer.
  • Value: WSD is focused on offering exceptional products at competitive prices. “Quality” Paired with “Value” means you get the right product for your application.
  • Speed: Simply put, our engineers are experts at tires and wheels. This knowledge allows us to get the job done on time, the first time.