Concurrent Engineering

WSD supplements your product development process with our experience in tire, wheel, axle and suspension technologies, freeing up your engineering resources, enhancing your solutions, and improving your speed to market.


Wheel and axle systems are key to optimizing the performance of your equipment. With decades of specialized applications experience, WSD engineers are your perfect resource when it comes to streamlining your new product development process and field testing your solution options. We specialize at what we do to allow you to focus on what you do.

Concurrent Engineering
Concurrent Engineering

Product Definition

Based upon the Lean 3 “P” process, WSD understands that clear product definition is critical to building operational excellence. WSD employs SolidWorks in developing and testing all our products. Engineering drawings are rendered directly from the 3D models which are shared for collaboration and approval purposes. This level of up-front engineering reduces the amount of time that your engineers and personnel spend reviewing and approving quoted drawings.

Process Definition

WSD has been manufacturing wheels and mounting tires for over 30 years. Our experience combined with a diligent focus on Lean methods, ensures our processes are constantly improving. By entrusting your wheel system’s requirements to WSD, you receive “best of breed” processing for consistent, on-time and on-cost quality.

Production Definition

WSD can support your R&D needs with quick-turn, short-run production for your first article and pre-production builds. By providing short and volume builds, you can streamline your engineering budgets and time frames.