WSD Supply Chain Management

WSD provides solutions to address supply chain availability with options that include warehousing for you, lead time reductions, lower inventory quantities, and inventory flexibility that improves your market responsiveness.

One-Stop Shopping

WSD provides the most comprehensive menu of tires, wheels, axles, hub and spindle brands, sizes, designs, and applications available in the US. We partner with manufacturers both globally and domestically to ensure supply availability and the best OEM pricing. For example WSD will design, manufacture, supply, mount and ship your tires on custom engineered wheels so you don’t have to. Our selection of axles, suspension kits, engineered hubs and spindles further consolidates and streamlines your sourcing supply chain challenges into a true one-stop shopping experience.

Consolidated Purchase Orders

CAPS Research show the average cost of processing a single purchase order for U.S. manufactures is over $225 per order. By consolidating component part numbers into tire and wheel sub-assembly numbers, the cost of processing multiple purchase orders is reduced dramatically. Including all of our under carriage options (axles, suspension, hubs and spindles) WSD can further simplify your bill of materials. As your specialist supplier, WSD assumes the burden in managing component lead times, inventories and storage.

Lead Times and Inventory Levels

The cost of holding inventory is estimated at 12% of annualized value. By reducing delivery lead times, this cost can be substantially reduced. Subsequently, buffer stock can be reduced: warehousing space can be re-allocated: cash is released: margins improve!

Switching Part Numbers to WSD

Tires, wheels, axles, suspension, hub and spindles are critical to your equipment performance. Switching suppliers is often difficult, if not impossible, for the purchasing department alone without engineering sanction. WSD makes the transition much easier with our new part number on-boarding process. Simply answer a few product questions, we do the rest. WSD will either match and/or re-engineer any of your undercarriage components and provide price quotes with drawings for review and approval.

With simple goals of on-time, on-budget, and on-satisfaction, we help you deliver high powered solutions your customers seek. WSD Supply Chain Management and JIT (Just In Time) capabilities supported by our U.S. manufacturing and assembly facilities maintains your production schedule and customer delight. Your partnership with WSD’s proven supply chain management practices will reduce inventory quantities, increase warehousing space, improve cash flow, and reduce labor costs.