On-Highway Solutions

WSD is a premier supplier of complete Axle Systems with the perfect complement of Tire & Wheel Assemblies.

On-Highway Suspension Solutions

From Standard Mechanical Suspension to Air Ride, WSD can support your trailer needs. With Concurrent Engineering and over 30 years of Industry Experience, we can design a system that works for you. Coupled with JIT delivery, Kitting a complete undercarriage solution will streamline your purchasing process. 

On-Highway Solutions

Mechanical Suspension

With a wide variety of options, our mechanical suspension selection will fit any need.

  • Full line of quality Springs available
  • Custom Springs
  • Boxed or Bulk
Mechanical Suspension
Air Ride Suspension

Air Ride Suspension

Partnered with Ridewell Suspension, WSD delivers a complete Air Ride suspension line.

  • Weld-on or Bolt-on Mounting
  • 23K,25K, or 30K Capacities available
  • Multiple Ride Heights
  • Integrated Height Control Valve

Utility Trailer Axle Overview

As a strategic distributor of Lippert Components, our complete line of axles boasts an impressive list of standard features including robotic welds, waterproof connectors on wiring, powder coating, and Superlube hubs.

Sizes ranging from 2K to 15k, Spring to Torsion axles, our partners stringent quality and testing processes ensure the best performance while also being assembled in America.

Complete and comprehensive list trailer functions from Dump Trailers, Travel Trailers, Utility, and more. Lippert touts the industry leading warranty.


Spring Axles

WSD is your single source for all your Utility trailer axle needs. As a Strategic partner of Lippert Components, we can offer:

  • Straight or Drop Axles
  • Hydraulic or Electric Brakes
  • Standard with Superlube Hubs
  • Double Eye or Slipper Spring Configurations
  • Underslung or Overslung
  • Powder Coated
  • Complete 2K-15K Suspension Kits Available
spring axle
torsion axle

Torsion Axles

Torsion Axles are a significant upgrade to your standard spring axles. A rubber cord compounded ensures maximum dependability and durability to take your ride to the next level.

  • Industry Leading 11 Year Warranty
  • Improved Ride Quality
  • Less overall maintenance due to an improved suspension design
  • Easy Installation

Heavy Duty 22.5K-30K Capacity

  • Volume Direct Programs
  • Just in Time “JIT” Delivery
  • Supply side risk mitigation through:
    • General Supply Agreements
    • Stock to forecast programs
    • Custom Supply Solutions
  • Configure to Order
  • Complete Axle, Suspension, & Tire and Wheel Packages
  • Turntables, King pins, Landing Gear

Utility Trailer 2K-15K Capacity

  • Volume Distribution Programs
  • Just In Time (JIT)-Lead Times 7-10 Days
  • Strategic Partner of Lippert Components
  • Configure to Order
  • Complete Axle, Suspension, & Tire and Wheel Packages
  • Only Utility Trailer Axles Produced in the West

On-Highway Tires

On-Highway Wheels

Heavy Duty Axles & Components

Utility Axles


On-Highway Tires

Whether it’s the long haul, regional haul, or any other kind of jobs that your fleets are engaged in, we have the perfect tire for you. From OEM fitment to replacement; purpose-built to meet your application-specific needs.

From Long Haul to All position, WSD can provide the right tire for you. SmartWay Verified options available, a well-thought-out approach to your tire & wheel selection will reduce your cost per mile and put you ahead of your competition.

Ask WSD about being your National Account Provider

On-Highway Wheels

Due to new emission standards, weight is being add to nearly all vehicles. WSD can provide the lightest Steel and Aluminum wheels available in the market today to ensure you maximize your payloads

From import product to USA manufactured, WSD can deliver high performance options, as well as economical alternatives.

Contact WSD for your Custom JIT program of complete Tire & Wheel Assemblies.

On-Highway Wheels

Heavy Duty Axle

Duraride axles are among the lightest in the industry without sacrificing strength. With a complete line of trailer axles and options, WSD can deliver the best engineered solution to set your trailers apart within the Industry.