Off-Road Solutions

WSD is a premier supplier of Tire & Wheel Assemblies in combination with Hubs and Spindles to deliver a complete “Wheel System” solution.


WSD truck

Value Proposition

  • Just in Time “JIT” Delivery
  • Supply side risk mitigation through:
    • General Supply Agreements
    • Stock to forecast programs
    • Custom Supply Solutions
  • Concurrent Engineering
  • Brand Agnostic

Off-Road Tires

Off-Road Wheels

Off-Road Hub and Spindle


Off-Road Tires

Our tire offering helps equipment take on the most challenging applications — including Agricultural, Industrial, Construction, Mining, Forestry, and Turf. From the farm to the forest, everything rolls with WSD. Let us work with you to source the right solution for your equipment.

Agricultural Off-Road Tires

From IF Implement to VF Tractor, High Speed Flotation to Steel Belted Radials. Our wide range of tire options will fit any farming application.

Off-Road Tires Agriculture
Off-Road Tires Industrial

Industrial Off-Road Tires

From Forklift to Telehandler, From Pnuematic to Solid. We ensure that there is the “perfect” tire for any application that will ensure uptime performance

Construction Off-Road Tires

From Backhoe to Skid-Steer, Steel belted Radial to Solid. We can accommodate any load requirements to ensure maximum performance

Off-Road Tires Construction
Off-Road Tires Earthmoving & Mining

Earthmoving & Mining Off-Road Tires

From Articulating Dump Trucks to Underground Equipment. Our tire options are specifically designed to keep pace with high pressured job sites by reducing downtime.

Forestry Off-Road Tires

From Forwarders to Skidders, WSD’s tire selection is engineered for ultimate track compatibility allowing for exceptional grip under critical forestry conditions.

Off-Road Tires Forestry
Off-Road Tires Turf

Turf Off-Road Tires

From Golf Carts to Utility Tractors, WSD can provide maximum ground protection for all lawn and turf applications.

Off-Road Wheels

WSD is one of the largest and most diverse wheel manufacturer and Supplier in the United States. Supplying sizes from 8” through 54” diameters, our engineering capabilities enable us to provide wheel systems that will optimize your machine’s performance. Our wheel product line includes Agricultural, Industrial, Construction, Mining, Forestry, and Turf.  From standard sizes to highly customized options, we have the right product for you. As a complete supplier of Tire & Wheel Assemblies, our engineered wheels will always be the perfect complement to an application specific tire.

Single Piece Off-Road Wheels

From your Standard Implement to Flotation, Row Crop to Duals, WSD can provide a fixed wheel design that will work for your specific application. Matched with the appropriate tire, downtime will be the least of your worries.

WSD wheel options

Adjustable Off-Road Wheels

Maximize the potential of your equipment. Meet your row spacing needs or increase stability with a WSD adjustable wheel. Matched with the correct Multipurpose Tire, your adjustable assembly will allow the end user maximum performance.

Off-Road Wheels Adjustable  
Off-road Wheels

Multipiece Off-Road Wheels

For your harshest conditions, WSD’s 3- and 5-piece designs will ensure the longest life for your heaviest loads.

Off-Road Wheels Multipiece

Off-Road Hubs & Spindles

To complete your wheel system, properly matching the appropriate capacity of hub and spindle is often an afterthought. With our concurrent engineering, we ensure the perfect complement with capacities ranging from 2.5K to 50K.


Off-Road Hubs & Spindles-Stub Axle

Stub axles, whether pinned or welded, provide a streamlined sourcing process to the wheel system. Reduce your Bill of Materials and labor by moving to a custom painted, packed and greased Hub and Spindle Assembly.