Off-Road Wheels

Pairing the right wheel and tire unlocks your equipments’ performance. WSD has the experience, capabilities and commitment to quality you need to compete today and tomorrow.

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IF and VF Technology

Reduce pressure, improve comfort, and save time in the field–all without compromising performance! Ask us about IF and VF technology tires.


Standard Fixed Wheels

  • Steel and aluminum
multi piece wheel

Multi-piece Wheels

  • 3, 4 and 5 piece options

Flotation Wheels

  • Custom manufactured

Multi-bolt Adjustable Wheels

  • 6 and 8 bolt options

Adjustable Waffle Wheels

standard implement

Standard Implement Wheels

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12×4 12X7 12X8.50 12X9.5 12X10.5
14X5.5 14X6 14X7
15X4.5 15X5 15X6 15X7 15X7.5 15×8 15×10 15X12 15X13
16×6 16X7 16X8 16×10 16X12
16.1X11 16.1×14 16.1X16 16.1XW16C 16.1X18
16.5X8 16.5X8.25 16.5X8.25 16.5X8.3 16.5×9.75 16.5X9.8 16.5X12
17×13 17X16
17.5X10.5 17.5×11.75
18X9 18X11
19.5X6.8 19.5X12.25 19.5X12.3
20X7 20X7.5 20X8 20X9 20X10 20X11 20X14 20X20.5
22X4 22×8
22.5×8.25 22.5X9 22.5X11.75 22.5X12.25 22.5X13 22.5X13.5 22.5X16 22.5X20 22.5X24
24X8 24X9 24X10 24X12 24X13 24X15 24xW12
25X12 25X13 25X13 25X14 25X36 25×38
26X12 26×15 26X16 26X20 26X25 26X30 26XDW25
26.5X20 26.5X24 26.5X28
28X10 28X13 28X15
30×12 30X15
30.5X20 30.5X24 30.5X28
32X8 32X10 32X27 32X30 32XDH27B 32xDW21
36X8 36X10 36X11
38X6 38X8 38×10 38X12 38X13 38X16 38X20 38X23 38XDW12 38xDW23
42X8 42X10 42X12 42X23 42X25

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