Supply Chain and Co-engineering Services

Boost your bottom line with value-add solutions from WSD. Our strategic sourcing, design and just-in-time logistics capabilities afford you the ability to solve supply chain issues while delivering higher quality to your end-customers.

Your Advantage

  • Holistic sourcing solutions for OEMs – We don’t just source and manufacture amazing components. We partner with you to reduce time-to-market and cost-to-deliver. Take advantage of our warehousing and just-in-time inventory management to ensure predictable supply, without unnecessary overhead.
  • Strategic sourcing – Our unique access to offshore suppliers and West Coast logistics centers enables faster turn-arounds and lower costs.
  • Application expertise – Our experts will work with you to prototype a fitment that’s perfect for your equipment’s intended agricultural application.
  • Solidworks 3D design – Our engineers will jointly develop a wheel, tire or axle solution that’s ideal for you.
  • Robotic welding, laser cutting, powder coating – We use the latest technology to ensure the highest levels of quality, precision and customization for everything we manufacture.

What can we build for you?

Send us your project’s design specifications. Download our design specification sheet and send it to

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